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Which Type of Graphic Design You Are?

So today we're going to be talking about different graphic design jobs out there. So if you're new to graphic design, you're probably thinking like what can I actually do with this degree light like what. Which Type of Graphic Design You Are?


Good news is there's a lot that you can do with this degree because why graphic design is everywhere. So today we're going to get into six graphic design rules that you could expect to see as a graphic designer. So let's jump right into it. 

Package Designer 

So first up is a package designer Now package designer basically design Earns anything from food packaging to your subscription boxes that you get in the mail all that is considered package design. Now, the role of packets designer is to create packages for products. 

Okay. Now the role of a package designer is to do researching on what other brands are doing come up with the roles and ideas for packaging and then finally to prototype and construct different packages. So this is a big process from start to finish. So if you love doing things, 

With your hand and you know really being able to problem-solve. This might be an Avenue for you to explore. 

Publication Designer. 

This designer can create anything from magazines catalogs newspapers and more. the designers role is creating each layout, you know coming up with stories that are designs that match the story. So this is really cool. If you like doing things like this, you know design layouts and things of that nature. So this is something that you like or you're interested in. You know doing research for publication design creative projects making your own projects no having fun with it and seeing if you actually enjoy it. 

Motion Graphics Designer 

Motion Graphics designers role is to basically bring visuals to life through animation. Now, we see this all the time through commercials to TV shows that we watch to social media animations. All these are considered Motion Graphics. So if you love creating things and making visuals move across the screen Green, this is definitely something that you may want to explore more. I recommend doing you know tutorials and just having fun with it playing with different graphics and seeing what you can come up with. 

Web Designer

Web Designers role is basically to create awesome, you know online website. We see this all the time with online shopping. I know I do I can spend hours just like browsing at clothes looking at items and that's because you're intrigued by the designs how phone was look, how banners look at the top of the page, so this is something that you like seeing or your, drawn to this. 

This is something you may want to consider as a career path. Some of the things that designers do is doing a lot of research for websites, you know coming up with sketching wire framing for the actual website itself. And also you may not have to go this but it's also good to know a little bit cold and a little bit of background and coding Case you have to work with developers on the website. So that's all things to consider. 

User Experience or For Short is UX Designer. 

UX designers role is basically to design products that work really well for their user. We see this all the time with different apps or websites. Are those annoying updates on your phone. Let's take a shopping website - you know, how many steps does it take for the user to get from the shop to the page to the checkout table. So all these steps in between is what the user experience designer thinks about.

User Interface or UI Designer. 

Now UI designers role is similar to UX designers role because basically you're designing for that product or service for instance such as apps you will be designing like the color schemes the layout the imagery that goes with the apps making things function properly. And keeping user experience in mind as you're designing. So you're designing to make things look aesthetically pleasing and to also work well with these are experiencing. Now what is possible to be a UX and UI designer all those work together to create awesome experiences for your user. So that completes this video guys, if you stay with me this long, you're probably interested in graphic design. 

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