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The Best Google Font That Works for You

Hey folks, how are you today? I thought I'd show you a really quick tip for website. You may be looking for that perfect form for a piece of text or for some copy in a project that you have, but you're not quite sure which font is going to work best. 

Well, I'm going to show you how you can quickly choose the greatest font for you. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to head on over to the Google fonts website. 


That's quite a lot of false of quick School through that the more dense you can see there. 

We've got a nice wide varied selection of fonts to choose from now. A lot of people would look at the fonts as they are here and then download one. Still think might work and stole it on their system open up their software taking their texts and they'll either like what you see or not. 

If they don't we'll go back to Google fonts time with another phone install that so II and so on and so on what some people don't realize is though is that you can actually test out your text on the Google fonts website in place. 

All you need to do is pick. One of the fonts that you like let's scroll down there. For example, choose Rebecca more than one because it's nice and bold simply highlight all of the text type in .

What do you need? You can see the font showing the text that you want. Now what you can also do actually is you can click apply to all fonts. And it will change every single font on the Google font website to your chosen text, and then you can scroll through and see exactly how that font will look with the text that you want to use. 

This is a much quicker way to do it. And once you find the font that you like, so let's just see we want to choose. Click on the little plus sign there that will add the font to your basket. 

If you only want the one that's fine if you want to choose another one. So let's see we choose Merryweather. We click on plus again. It adds it to the basket. 

Then You can see the two fonts simply click on the little download Arrow download the fonts to you computer install and you're free to use as you wish I hope that's been a helpful tip to you today stay creative folks 

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