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How To Be a Successful Freelance Designer Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own graphic design business? and how to be a successful freelance designer business? 

We're going to go over some great tips for you to start. This applies to any type of graphic designer whether you're just coming out of college and you're looking for a job or you are wanting to start your own business. This is for you and be sure to stick around to the end for a secret tool that we are going to share with you. There is a question which has been asked a bunch of times should you generalize as a graphic designer or should you specialize, this means should you offer your services to everyone and everywhere or should you focus on one specific service or one specific area and become the best in that area?


We are going to ask you a question about a subject that is totally diss related to graphic design, but you can see how it applies, if you had something going on with your foot and you needed a surgery on it or you needed some specialist. 

Would you go to a general doctor who knew everything about the body but didn't really know a specialization in feet or would you go to someone who knew every little bit about feet and could give you all the questions and solve your problems. 

You'd probably go with the guy who specialized in feet right? while the same applies to graphic design if there's somebody who wants to have some amazing logo. Are they going to go to somebody who does package design and brochures is a specialization or they're gonna find somebody who's really really good at logos. And that is their expertise. You probably have an area that you love to work in either. Either You love working the specific industry or you love working on a specific type of project. 

Now you are going to find that this is going to make your job as a designer marketing your services so much easier because you're going to find your exact ideal client. You're going to figure out what type of person do I want to design for, whether you choose to only do logos. There's going to be a specific type of person that you want to Market your services. Its naturally magnetized has to your style, or if you love working with let's say the beauty industry love doing package design for them and promotion for them. 

Then, you know, your target audience is the people who are selling beauty products. This makes it so much better that you can find and hone your craft in one area and go and become the expert in the go-to person for that whole field you're going to be able to then market to them solve their problems find out everything that they need help with. 

This is a key component to then lay out your content marketing strategy because you can just give them tips and tools and show your best work in this area. You can then create websites for that go into Facebook groups and communities and talk and podcasts and it's endless what you can then do once you hone in on who is your target audience and That doesn't mean that you're not going to then go into other areas. 

That's the cool thing about. This is when you specializes in an area people will see that you are an expert and they're going to assume that you're experts in other parts of design as well. So you may be getting people coming then from other Industries or asking for other types of design and if you want to you can absolutely service them, but you're going to be known as the expert on X Y or Z. Whatever you decide the cool thing about having a specific niche as well is 80% of your clients are going to be recurring clients. 

So you become amazing at what you do in that field and they'll keep coming back and coming back and the refer you to new clients who will then turn into recruiting clients, and it'll continue to snowball just like that.

Pinterest you need to use this for inspiration. So Stay on edge. Print design Trends but there's another very interesting way to use Pinterest you pick a topic the topic. Let's say your Niche is real estate you type in the search bar at the top of your Pinterest browser type in real estate Pinterest is then going to suggest a bunch of keyword phrases and you choose the one that is at the top go and you write a blog on that and then you write the blog on your website. You make an image with those keyword phrases on that image. 

You post it on your Pinterest and you will be getting traffic to your website and you know that people are searching for that topic. They're searching those keywords because Pinterest showed you those are the most search for keywords. So then you're going to be getting traffic to your site without you having to pay for it without you having to do anything except write that blog and pin it to your Pinterest board super simple, but you could do this every week or every day and imagine the amount of traffic. 

You're not even going to have to really work that hard on to get. So make sure you do take advantage of this really powerful tool that not everybody knows about.

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